Friday, July 3, 2009

Building Confidence

Looking for an activity that will keep your kids busy, teach them discipline and self-control, and boost their confidence? Want to get yourself in shape, but tired of the same boring gyms? Check out Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Cross Fit North Augusta located at 75 Pineview Ave. in North Augusta.

Gracie Barra BJJ offers training for children and adults from beginners to advanced, with instructor Joshua Miller. Children's classes focus on teaching proper technique as well as safety and respect. Children learn valuable methods of self defense right from their first class. They're taught and they practice their skills at every class. Even the six year olds are down on the floor grappling with each other...while instructors closely monitor to ensure their safety. Conditioning and agility drills are part of every class, and as participants learn, they are rewarded. Children begin as "white belts" and earn stripes on their belts as they progress. Colored belts are earned as they move through the ranks, learn new skills and improve. As they advance, kids can enter North American Grappling Association tournaments for a chance to test their skills against fighters from across the region and earn medals or even samurai swords! By learning to defend themselves, whether from a bully or an adult attacker, children will find a new level of self respect and confidence.

Also offered are classes for adults at every level. Classes meet twice a week and are for teenagers on up.

There's a brand new class just for women, too! Meeting once a week, ladies are learning self defense techniques and gaining the skills they need to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Plus, training is a terrific form of exercise and it's fun, too! Ladies classes are a little different in that they are not expected to get on the floor and fight during the first several weeks. Of course, you can if you want to, but it's not mandatory! You will be able to learn and practice your new skills before you have to use them. No one wants to scare you off!

Cross Fit training is also taught in the gym on Pineview. If you have been working out and haven't seen the results you need to give Cross Fit a try! They do a little bit of EVERYTHING and if Julie can't get you in one can! And, you can work out while your kids are taking classes! No babysitter necessary!

Check out the websites and stop by the facility. Your kids will have something fun to do this summer and you won't be disappointed!

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